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so my brother has this account on ps4 and he is having problems with ranked games, he played a few games yesterday and he won but he didnt get any MMR but when he lost a game he lost MMR. he thought that there might be a problem and it will be fixed. today, he played again and he won a few games but he didnt get any MMR and if he goes to the menu and then to ranked, the new matches are not counted.
24 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link
Hey Taty44.,

Thanks for reaching out to us and I am sorry to hear about the MM Rissue your brother ran into.

Could you advise us whether at the end of the match he received the message 'Please wait, synchronizing data' with infinite loading when he won the match?

If so, this is indeed something that has been brought up before to our game team, as we have a number of players who are experiencing this, therefore in order for us to help in further investigation, I'd like to ask you to advise us the following:

- Does this happen all the time? Or just after a maintenance for example?
- Could you please confirm when you encountered the issue? A exact time would be very helpful.

Let us know!
20 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link
Originally Posted by Taty44.
yeah when he finishes the match there is this message 'Please wait, synchronizing data'
the MMR issue started on The eighteenth of july and then the next day it happened again and I guess there was a maintenance a few days before that. it has never happened before the maintenance so this is the first time it happened
Hey Taty44.,

Thank you for the additional details.

Do you happen to have any exact times where this happened so our team can look at the individual incident?

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