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Originally Posted by Al3liA
i did everything everyone said to do, except for reinstalling r6 with Uplay since when I run Uplay I don't see r6 in the game library, also every time the game is available to launch in epic and then i restart the epic game launcher, it re asks me to connect my account with Ubisoft and gives me an error after that.

I can see your Ubisoft account has an Epic account linked. Are you still using the same Epic account that has Watch Dogs 2 on it from the giveaway of that game? Or have you got a new Epic account that you bought Siege on?

The game will link and then appear in Uplay automatically when you are able to launch the game from Epic.
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Originally Posted by Lgilly475
The cog button doesn't seem to exist anymore? so i can no longer follow these instructions on the epic games launcher.
Hello there,

This should now be 3 small dots to the button right of the game tile.

You can read the steps ti verify in Epic Game's guide here.

Let us know how you get on!

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