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Hi i have a problem i cant join my friends games and i can't send game invitations.The last time we played Siege was when the Halloween event was live and it worked fine back then but now we wanted to play again but i cant send a game invite to my friend and he/they cant send a request to me the button Join game on Ubisoft Connect is gray and in game it says "you need to be in a multiplayer game to send a game invite" but we can join other games and we are both online. We tried to reinstall Ubisoft Connect and that didnt help we checked our game files and all was fine. I also reset my network settings and nothing. 

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Hey @ThatDutchGuy97 and welcome to our forums!

I'm sorry to hear that you can't join your friends' games. We had a quick fix for an invite issue a few days ago, could you please confirm if it's working for you now? Thanks!

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Hey @ThatDutchGuy97

The error code you provided usually means it's an issue with the server that we're aware of, but if you are still having the issue, just check the server status here and let us know if you are having it still when everything is showing as "no issues".

The lag issue you are describing sounds like a known issue that the dev team are aware of and have been looking into a lot recently, but we have seen a temporary workaround that has helped people to various degrees, so I'll share that below:

  1. Open task manager when freezing starts
  2. Right click on Rainbow Six Siege and click 'Go to details'
  3. Right click on RainbowSix.exe in details and click on 'Set affinity'
  4. Turn all CPU cores off except the last one, click OK
  5. Click on 'Set affinity' again and turn CPU cores back on again (all of them)