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Hello everyone, thanks for getting in touch with us about various audio bugs you have experienced in this thread.
For the missing sound effects, such as missing gunfire, drone or footsteps, or for inverted audio sounding from an incorrect direction, this is something that has been investigated by our Siege team and we also have a few audio R6Fix bug reports created by players on this issue here >
https://r6fix.ubi.com/projects/RAINBOW6-SIEGE-LIVE/issues?search=audio&sort=relevance&statuses=underinvestigation: (https://r6fix.ubi.com/projects/RAINBOW6-SIEGE-LIVE/issues?search=audio&sort=relevance&statuses=underinvestigation)
If you happen to have any video clips of this you have taken when this affected you in-game in the latest update and season, please post them in this thread or post them on the relevant R6FIX report, using the link above.

PC > Please use the Windows, Alt and R keys, to start recording a clip with Xbox Game bar (Usually comes already installed on Windows 10&11) and post this clip to a hosting website such as YouTube or Imgur for us to be able to view.
Xbox and Playstation > Please press your controller's Share button, which will enable you to capture a clip then upload it straight to YouTube or Twitter. After uploading you should be able to post the URL link to the video in this forum thread for us to view with greater detail.

The more video footage we can acquire of this happening in the latest season, the better chance we have of replicating it on the same system and trying to fix it, thank you

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Hello everyone, just a quick update regarding audio bugs.

Tomorrow we have maintenance that will last for about 1 hour, so you may not be able to log in during this time.

The maintenance is to fix some of the missing sound effects and VO that can occur in the game. As this thread's topic seems to be about audio issues in the game in general and not about any specific one, I just wanted to post an update about this particular audio issue in case it affects your game.

Please see our tweet for the exact times when this hotfix will take place >>


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No worries friend.