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I dont know if this is happening cause my keyboard or is it because R6. The problem started a week ago and its so annoying. Every time i press shift and any key after it my game do following: my operator crouch, i melee, i ping and i open a chat. What should i do? My friend have same problem sometimes.
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Hey ignBAD_, thanks for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about the problem you've been having.

Just to check, you stated what happens if you press 'Shift' and any other key after - would you be able clarify if all of those actions follow the same sequence every single time you press this combination, or does it only happen occasionally?

Also, have you possibly tried resetting your controls back to default or changing 'Shift' button to anything else, just to see if issue persists?

Let us know!
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Originally Posted by ignBAD_
It happens every time the new round in match starts or I press ESC. I contacted producer of my keyboard (razer) and we found out that the problem is not with the keyboard or with the software ( razer synapse 3) cause i dont have that bug in other games. They said it could be cause compatibility between keyboard and game. I reseted my controls and problem was still there. I have open case for this btw.
Thanks for getting back to us there.

Could you advise what exact keyboard model is it? Also, as far as your controls go, did you try changing 'Shift' or 'ESC' buttons to anything else, just to see if problem remains? Also, as you've mentioned your friend - do you know if he/she us using the exact same keyboard model by any chance?

Let us know!
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Hey ignBAD_,thanks for letting u know this.

Are you also running the Razer Synapse in the background to control any RGB lighting? If so can you try disabling it whilst playing the game using Task Manager. It has been known to cause compatibility issues with some of our games.

Software such as - RGB controllers - Razer Synapse / SteelSeries Engine / Logitech G Hub / Corsair iCue

A more detailed list of this type of software can be found here near the bottom of this article.
This list details some of the more well known programs known to cause conflicts with our games - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Faqs/000025721

I would recommend disabling any of these programs you may have running before launching Siege using disable on start up in the Task Manager options in Windows.

Do you also have any other usb devices plugged in to your computer that you can disable? Does your keyboard also have any macros set up in any programs that may be interfering with your controls?

Another thing I would do is make sure to check if your keyboard needs a driver update too.

Once you can let me know on the above suggestions, what you have tried and how it went, I will do my best to investigate this further for you.

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