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Hi! There has been ALOT of server problems latley! The server goes down or freezes, then getting tossed out of the match and get banned, as you know the length of the bann increases each time this happens! Please fix your servers :))))))))))))))) VERY MUCH LOVE FROM THE GREAT COUNTRY SWEDEN

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@h0lyf4th3r Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about your experience lately playing Rainbow Six Siege. While I cannot lift these temporary sanctions, I'd like you to check out our dedicated PC Connectivity troubleshooting guide here to see if these issues improve.

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Sorry to hear about your recent abandoned sanctions and suspected server crash everyone.

Whilst we can not remove these sanctions, we are looking into the recent incidents where this has affected players.

If you happened to have experienced a lag spike in-game, then got disconnected along with your whole team and received an abandoned sanction, this is something we are currently investigating, please see our post here for information on this >