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Hello! I am experiencing a bug on my game whenever I play ranked/unranked. I get kicked randomly by Uplay or Ubisoft. I get an abandon sanction everytime that happens. This is the 2nd time for me to get a 24 hours abandon sanction in the span of 2 days in a row and it's not doing me any good. Kindly fix this or just take off the abandon sanction whenever this happens. I think you can do that if Uplay/Ubisoft detects that I have been kicked, it"ll just take the sanction off and let me play peacefully. Thank You!
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I'm sorry to hear that. The abandonment sanction will still apply if you disconnect (even if it's not your fault) because there is no way for it to know if a player is making themselves disconnect on purpose to avoid an abandonment sanction if it didn't apply.

We are unable to provide anything back for getting an abandonment sanction or remove temporary suspensions but if you continue having an issue, please go through the Uplay and game connectivity troubleshooting I've linked below:

Game connectivity here

Uplay connectivity here

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