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Hi, I currently have an ownership problem on my pc. I signed up with my wrong account and needs it to be changed. I wrote to Ubisoft support and gave them all the needed information but it has almost been 20 days since that reply and I still have no news. Can someone help me from here or at least tell me how long it usually takes to get a response . Thank you.

about 2 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hello @agenttrouble,

Thanks for reaching out.

As this issue requires us to look into your Ubisoft account(s), this unfortunately isn't something we can assist with via the public forums.

We are a lot busier than usual across all of our support channels, at this time while we work on getting back to everyone, we kindly ask that you remain patient at this time and we'll respond to your case as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding!

about 1 month ago - Ubi-Deta - Direct link

Hello @agenttrouble! Sorry to hear that you're still waiting.

As previously mentioned, we're receiving a lot more contacts than usual, which can lead to delays in replies. Unfortunately, we have no way to speed up this process. I'll have to ask for your patience in this instance. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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