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Ranked Game. 1st round of the Match. Only a few seconds in. Everybody disconnects from the server due to an error. Received abandon sanction and renown penalty.
Opened a support ticket and spoke with Live Chat. They asked for match id (in which you can clearly see everybody standing still with moving legs shortly before server disconnects us.)
Support Operator thanks me for the report and simply tells me that there's nothing that he could do for automated system bans.
There's a suggestion. Start compensating for people's unfair bans. Remove the bans from server errors. FIX YOUR GODDAMN SYSTEM BEFORE YOUR GAME IS DEAD.
If you have a support team, allow them to help the players more. Train them better. The support member who I was chatting with he was unsure what happens after the 24 hour ban?
He suggested to wait it out. WAIT OUT AN UNFAIR BAN. That's the support I received.
What comes after the 24 hour ban.
48 hours? afterwards? a week? then? a month?
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE U B I S O F T to fix these issues? days? weeks? months? years?
Bunch of incompetent people with no knowledge. thats what ubisoft consists of.

Thanks for your [censored] time

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Hi everyone, I thoroughly understand the frustration these disconnections have been. We are aware of this and currently investigating the causes of this time. However, please note that any penalties issued are server-side by an automated system and cannot be overturned, unfortunately. I know this is also a massive irritation as well at this time. If you have already provided the Match ID(s) and the server you were playing on when encountering this behavior, please know I have ensured your reports have been shared with our team's ongoing investigation. However, if you have not spoken with our support team and this has happened to you, please post the Match ID here and include the console you are playing on so we can continue to provide this information to the Dev Team moving forward. While I also do not have any further updates to provide at this given moment, please know that we will be keeping everyone posted as soon as we have other news to share. We thank you so much for bearing with us in the meantime.

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