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When in an online game, other players show motion stutter. My avatar's motion is fine, I have 100+ fps and low ping.
I've verified game files, uninstalled and reinstalled and also updated graphics drivers.
The problem occured in the most recent update, I've played for 900 hrs and not had this issue until now.

PC spec:
Windows 10 pro 64bit (10.0, Build 19042).
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor (12 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
16384MB RAM
GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series

Video of issue:
18 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link
Hey RainbowPablo, thanks for getting in touch and I am sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing.

First and foremost, would it be possible for us to double-check the following:

1. Is that something you always experience with all the players you get matched up with or is it something that you only experience occasionally with some players rather than all?
2. Have you noticed whether the player who is showing up as stuttering has got higher ping at the time? You can check this by viewing scoreboard

Let us know and we will take it from there!
18 days ago - Ubi-Wan - Direct link
Thanks for getting back, RainbowPablo! It's great you were able to narrow things down some. In this case, I'd like to have you give each of the steps found within our Siege connectivity troubleshooting guide a try. This may help clear your connection to Siege's servers.
18 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link
Originally Posted by RainbowPablo
Thanks for the suggestions. For anyone having this issue, I did a network reset on my pc and it worked after that. Hope it helps you as it did for me
Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that .

Hope you enjoy your game-time and should there be anything we can assist you with in the future, do not hesitate and reach out at any time!