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I received an email today saying I breached conduct and was permanently banned due to cheating. I've played over 2 THOUSAND hours of siege and have never in my life bought, installed, boosted or been boosted by cheaters my entire siege 'career'. Why in the world would I have played 2k hours and spend over 100$ on the game just to cheat and get PERMANENTLY banned for cheating. it just makes no sense. I didn't even get banned due to battle eye, it was a manual ban that used "relevant evidence"... WHat relevant evidence? I've never cheated in siege the entire time I've played it.

Please provide me with the so-called "evidence" that led to the ban and ill explain every move and thought that went into the "evidence".. ill give you a hint regarding the "evidence".. its called 2000 hours of playtime, 10,000 hours combined playing competitive cod, valorant, cs and pubg, its called ears, its called situational awareness.

Please re-review the people reviewing these cases and just have a look at my "evidence" again. I enjoy this game so much and Im devastated that im no longer able to play it anymore over a wrongful ban.
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Hi suht!

I can certainly understand your concern over this! We have a ban appeals process, which you can read more about here. Please note that neither our support teams nor us here on the forums are able to overturn a ban appeal decision thereafter. See the linked article for instructions
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Hello mohmadgod, welcome to the forums.

For any issues related to permanent bans, we ask players to contact us through our support channels instead, as we are unable to discuss this over forums.

Please see our 'Cheating and Bans' post here for more information on bans and to view a link to our updated Code of Conduct >https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...1#post14703110

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