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The "report a player" functionality on the ubisoft website is insanely unreliable. More often than not it won't let me submit, and it doesn't tell me until I click the button, so I waste time attaching files and writing a detailed response.

Latest cheater used some blatant wall hacks - you can see him pre-fire everything and know where people are when there are no drones around and they're stationary and making zero noise. You can also see him glance at the map to see whether any defenders are nearby, and when he sees the all clear he pushes.

I'm currently trying to grind out 50 unbearable levels having moved from PS4 to PC, constantly facing cheaters and diamonds/plats in unranked is sickening as it's costing me thousands of XP, prolonging the pain (not that ranked will be that much better).

In ranked you get back the MMR you lost when you face a cheater, but what's being done to reimburse the time spent for someone like me who cares more about XP so they can unlock ranked?

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@supersearle Hey! Thank you for reaching out about your cheater report and sorry to hear that you have had issues providing this report. Please be aware that we do not allow the reporting of cheaters over the forums as it is against the forum rules. As such I have removed the video and username from your post.

Please reach out to us in a private message on our social media channels below and we can look into this further with you there:


If you need anything else please let us know.

Thank you.