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Hi, I'm having a freezing issue ingame. Every few games, siege will randomly freeze. I notice it occurs when a match is found(ranked, unranked, tdm, etc) or when a round starts, or when prep phase ends. That said, it has occurred other times.

Interestingly, when I Alt Tab to access Task Manager, if I don't initially close siege, and try to Alt Tab back in, my game will still be frozen, but the screen will show a moment from a previous round. Quick example: My game freezes at the start of round 4. I alt tab out and back in. The game now shows a frozen screen from when I was picking my operator in round 1. Idk, if this is relevant, but it is strange to me.

Regarding things I have tried to remedy this issue: Disabling fullscreen optimization, running game in admin mode, trying vulcan and no vulcan. Removing fps limit, setting fps limit. Verify integrity of files, reinstall game. Update graphics drivers.

I have checked GPU and CPU usage, that doesn't appear to be the issue(though I'm not a genius when it comes to that stuff) my game runs fine when it works. Just freezes randomly and then I have to restart.

All I can think of is perhaps I have a memory leak issue. I will look into that for now, but if anyone has any tips regarding what I should do, I would love some feedback! Thank you!

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@TheHatman_ Hello and welcome to the discussions. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing freezes when playing matches of Rainbow Six Siege. I would advise the following troubleshooting, and let us know if the issue persists.

@celomu We're only able to help in English on this Discussion. This is just because we try to any avoid automatic translation tools where possible to make sure we're avoiding any misunderstandings. We feel it is better for our players to speak to Support Agents and other players who speak their preferred language.

If you'd like to continue here in this Discussion in English, that's more than okay too, we'd just need you to translate the post for us. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hey @TheHatman_

Try running an MSInfo file straight after it has the issue next time, open it up in notepad and use Ctrl+F and type in "Windows Error Report".

In this section of the file, can you see what it says was the last thing to have an error (whatever is listed at the top of this section). Can you see if this is something other than Ubisoft Connect or the game? If so, it would be worth trying to resolve whatever that was as it may be causing the issue.

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