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i got the ela division skin for having the game and suddenly the game removed them for me completely,note: i still own the game and all
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Hey there guys!

We are currently making changes to both the Club and Uplay PC in preparation for Ubisoft Connect launching on the 17th October.

During this time, rewards for some titles, including Rainbow Six: Siege will be unavailable.

These will be restored after the transition to Ubisoft Connect.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience!
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Originally Posted by thegrenadewon
I have to buy all my stuff back again 200 ubi units wasted

You don't need to buy them again. Please can you create a support ticket / live chat for this here if you already did this?

You can also private message us on Twitter or Facebook if you prefer, and we can link that chat into a support ticket.

For everyone else coming across this thread, please see the sticky thread here regarding missing rewards.

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