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hi when im playing ranked games my game just freeze and blacked screen and kick me from game my friends says u just kicked by battleye when im reconnect to game game said connection failure 4x***** something like that sometimes i can reconnect sometimes i cant.
my pc is good to play rainbow six no fps drop or anything i cant figure it out what happend to my game pls help me i got banned 24 hours next 48(sorry for bad eng) i add a picture not from me but same error

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @Xh3gu I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing freezes, black screens and kicked by battle eye messages.

What server do you play on currently in matches? Have you tried connecting to any others to see if you have a better experience and connection? I have a guide that explains how you can manually change your datacentre here on PC >> https://ubi.li/5aG7a

about 1 month ago - Ubi-Ciel - Direct link

Hey @Xh3gu !

No worries, if you need any more help - please don't hesitate to let us know 😊