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So i just played a game where 2 of the enemy team kept disconnecting and reconnecting. After first round, 1 or 2 players from their own team also left. and 30 seconds later me and 2 of my friends disconnected. When we re-joined we all got 60m. Ban for "leaving penalty"? My friend kept saying they tried to crash the server, just to recieve free win/MMR. ?? So we get a loss. Lost MMR AND 60 MINUTE BAN? FOR ENEMY TEAM CRASHING THE SERVER? ... Cmon man.

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Hello everyone thanks for getting in touch with us.

There seems to have been a few issues mentioned on this thread that are not completely the same as the OPs issue, so I have forked these posts to their own thread.

If you have been disconnected from the game you may see an error message or code that may be noted in this article, these are the most common occurrences > https://ubi.li/85k9w

If you have experienced lag, then your game freeze so you are unable to control anything, we are looking into this issue now.

If you have encountered this particular freeze on PC, could you please confirm >>>

  • which Windows version you are using? To find out which version of Windows your device is running, press the Windows logo key + R, type winver in the Open box, and then select OK >> The info should look like this: Version 21h2 (OS Build 19044, 1889)

  • Please also let us know your CPU model?

We can then pass this on to the team while they continue to investigate.

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Thank you very much @Chanka-Main I will pass this onto our Siege team, if you have a moment, please also let me know your CPU model, I have just updated my post.

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@Grumpie_Bear Hey there! I replied to your post regarding this issue and gave some troubleshooting steps to try as well as a workaround provided by another player. Please give those steps a try and reply back to this thread if you continue to have issues. Thank you!

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