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I have an entire playlist dedicated to server crashers that not only ruined whatever fun experience I had in R6S but I was also robbed from any Renown that I would have grinded towards if not for the fact that I have been booted well over 300 times by these cheaters. These are the videos that I was able to record,render,upload and archive. Additional time being wasted having to chase them down.

I already posted dozens of tickets with no result or feedback.

One such video is a good example. The Brazilian player (ELA) that I had just killed robbed me of my hard earned 5-0 KD. I friended this fool knowing fully well that he was the culprit. I call him out only for this clown to send me a smug emoji proving that it was this cheater all along. This happens far too often.

Here is a playlist of these cheaters.

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We're aware that players doing this is causing an issue and we do take action against them and a fix is being looked into to prevent it again.

I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused from it.

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