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Hello, i got huge problem in my game. Every 1st game is totally smooth, without any problem. Starting second game without any changes and it start lagging every 3-10s.. i dont know where is the problem (right corner write Jiter and Latency). Tried to reinstall the game, client, nothing helped. Interesting thing is, that every 1st game is totally fine.. without ANY problem. Starting 2nd game and it starting lagging. Internet connecting is very good, isnt problem in diff games. Can you tell me if is this common problem or its only me? Its getting me mad soooo much and this game is unplayable then. Thank you for any help.
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Hey @Proxy1893 and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions!

I understand you're experiencing lag on your second matches in R6S. To attempt to resolve this issue, I'd recommend following all the steps from this article, regarding the troubleshooting of technical issues on PC. These should help your PC run the game smoothly 😊

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@Proxy1893 Apologies! The troubleshooting steps that we provided were not intended to place blame on your hardware, they are simply to ensure that the game's software is performing correctly before we proceed. If you have already completed the technical steps, please complete the connectivity troubleshooting steps in this FAQ article as well. Those steps will help to improve your connection stability and make sure that your network is communicating with our online services efficiently.

@GreatKhali It seems that you have specifically described a freeze/crash issue in your support cases. To clarify, are you experiencing in-game lag starting with the second match as described in the OP? If you are, please complete the steps that I provided above and let me know if you experience this lag again. Thanks!

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