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I played my 10 ranked games and got put in gold 3 but I only was given 40mmr to start with instead of 103 like my friends
23 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link
Hello everyone thank you for getting in touch with us about your MMR reset and the minimum 25 MMR you receive after playing 10 rank placements.

This issue is currently under investigation and we will do our best to update you when we have more information on this from the Siege team if this is intended by design.
19 days ago - Ubi-Wan - Direct link
Hey all. I'm really sorry to hear everyone's experiences with this. As mentioned by Milky, our teams are investigating similar reports. At this time, the team would like some more information. For this issue, we ask for the affected game's match ID. This number can be found in the bottom right-hand side of the match's scoreboard when viewed.

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