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Yesterday, Oct. 29 2020, My friends and I queued for a Ranked Match. My friend had to go to eat, so he canceled the matchmaking. The thing is that he canceled the match at the same time the queue ended and the blue bar of "The Match Has Begun" appeared. We didn't think of anything bad and when he came back qe queued for a ranked. We were playing the match when suddenly a Ban Screen appeared telling us we were banned. We freaked out. We lost that match and in the post match results it said I lost 109 MMR and my friends also lost over 100. Why did we lose 100 MMR if that was only 2 matches? (I'm gaining/losing around 27-33 MMR) idk if u could give me the mmr back. Because the game counted a lost (for almost 80 MMR) and a temporary ban for a match we didn't even entered Thank u
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I'm sorry to hear that. The abandonment sanction will still apply if you disconnect (even if it's not your fault) because there is no way for it to know if a player is making themselves disconnect on purpose to avoid an abandonment sanction if it didn't apply.

We are unable to provide anything back for getting an abandonment sanction, remove temporary suspensions, and we are also unable to modify player ranks unfortunately.
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Today you got 68 MMR from me and I didn't play ranked for 1week and my teammates was not cheater please give me back my MMR
Hey there.

An MMR rollback only takes place when someone has been verified and banned from the game. It is likely the case that you were not aware that someone on your team was cheating. It can also take some time for an MMR rollback to take place following a ban so it might not necessarily be a particularly recent game. Thanks.