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Hello, I have a queswtion why is there someone like the guy in clips ? Why wasn't he banned for griefing the game from the beggining ? (Or at least I didnt get a notice) Yet my game lags out because of your "updates" that didnt fix a single thing and I had to google stuff. Yet I get penalised based on leaving for 1 round. Yet none of the reports I made (that were right obviously not those rage report every other guy makes [even I do myself]) I didnt receive something as oh your report was correct here is a report feedback. Every other game has it. Even that "INDIE" company Riot can do it. So why can't you ?
The language we speak is Slovak. Feel free to translate it I do not care because none of it was said in the game :), only when I was screaming at him in English.

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6 months ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Hello @Luzga thank you very much for your player report.

After using the Report A Player tool, or sending us the info via a private support case, we are actually unable to communicate the progress/outcome, of any bans that may or have been placed and give reporting players updates, we will, however, publish some ban related information on the in-game ban ticker when it is active.

The Siege security team are the team that applies the ban, not Ubisoft Support. They will review all the evidence provided and then apply a ban at their own discretion. 

We are unable to share any more information on this process but we appreciate your help and reporting these accounts to us.

5 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Probably because yours and your friends skill rating aren't exactly the same. It's all handled automatically so we can't change this for you.

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