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Hello. Today i noticed something. I get so much drops today, i get around 45-50fps ingame. It was around 70-80 all the time, i didn't change any setting too. My system specs:

Intel i5-7300HQ
8GB 2400mhz DDR4 RAM
GTX 1050 4GB

I restarted my pc 5 times, closed all programs, closed Nvidia shadowplay, even tried to lower some settings too but i still get low fps suddenly. I've been playing on PC for like a year now i guess, I use the same settings and It is first time im getting around 50fps. 

My game is installed on SSD and it has 3GB reading/1300GB writing. There is not much things in my SSD too, I just have Windows and R6 and I still have 110GB of free space. 

I don't know what is the problem. I noticed this after I see that my game is running 45fps on main menu which you can see the new character OSA now. I played quick matches, played with bots too to test my fps but it's lower than before. 

I don't know what can cause this problem, everything looks normal I checked everything. I will try to scan my computer if it got any viruses or anything. I am waiting for your response.

Thank you.

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@azorgrath Hey! Sorry to hear that you are now getting low FPS. Thank you for providing your system specs, this is most useful.

There can be a number of reasons for low FPS so it is best that we cover a range of troubleshooting to try and resolve this for you.

Please try the steps here to see if it helps.

If the issue continues, please let us know.

Thank you.

16 days ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link

@azorgrath Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear that this issue has gotten worse.

Thank you for the image, what resolution are you running the game at and do you have any background applications running?

If so can you please close them and see if only running Siege helps improve the FPS.

Thank you.

15 days ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link

@azorgrath Hey! Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear that this issue is continuing with other games like UNO.

It does seem strange that this is happening in other games.

Can you try running Windows in safe mode with networking and see if the issue continues. You can find how to start Windows in safe mode with networking here.

We ask that you do this as it allows Windows to run with the minimum configuration, if the game runs as normal it means there is something conflicting with the game when not in safe mode.

Please do let us know if the FPS goes back to normal.

Thank you and we look forward to your reply.

15 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link

Thank you for keeping us updated on this @Azorgrath. The overlays that some programs and launchers use, can sometimes cause conflict with our games, on certain players systems, much like conflicting software does.

This is because it is running adjacent to the game in the background and connected online too, updating now and then. The more things you have connected online, the more this can also affect your FPS, not just system specs and setup. For FPS issues, I always recommend testing your connection too and disabling any programs that may be using it (which you had already checked) and using an ethernet cable when possible.

I'm happy to see you were able to find a solution to this, if you need any more help or tips you can try for FPS, just let us know in this thread.

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