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Thank you for the reply @yuhs10

I am sorry to hear you keep being disconnected and receiving an increased ban length each time, whilst I can not lift these bans as I do not have the ability, I can help to report this to our Siege team for investigation. Could you please let me know the following details so I can pass this on to our Siege team? >

  • What is the last exact date, time and timezone, when you last saw this 4-0 error code?
  • What region do you live in? 
  • Who is your internet service provider? 
  • Are you using wired ethernet or WIFI? 
  • What game server are you connected to in the games menu?

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Thanks for the update friend, I will pass this information on to our Siege team investigating the 4-0 error codes, thank you for your help and sorry to see this error code affecting you.

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