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Hey guys!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

As it stands, with the release of Y6S1.2, FPS issue appears to be resolved, however if you do continue to experience this, first, I'd like to double-check that you've already went through steps outlined in the following article.

If you have, we would need to have a closer look at your system files (DxDiag and MsInfo), so if you have a moment, please submit these by following steps outlined here and once it's done, let us know!
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Originally Posted by JohnKomisch
I had a similar problem as some of you guys. The last nvidia driver update or the crimson heist update caused my game to only deliver about 90 FPS with my 3060ti. Investigating a little, I found the solution for my case. Geforce Experience or the game update applied some new settings to my game, and the render scaling was set to 100. 100 means the game renders in the highest possible resolution (4 or 8k I think) although I only play on a 1080p monitor. Dropping the value down to 25, my game now renders in native 1080p and my FPS are up again! If you haven't checked this in your game settings it is worth taking a look at it.
Hey John, thanks very much for sharing this with everyone and I do hope that other players who may run into the same issue will find this useful!

Originally Posted by BUCKM41N1

Hey BUCKM41N1, I've just replied to your thread a moment ago, so have a look when you get a chance!

Originally Posted by Nova._.
I have been having a similar problem since Crimson Heist. I am experiencing an average of around 90-120fps when last season I had nearly 200-240fps average.

I run Vulkan with a RTX 2060 and my current driver version is 466.11.
Hey Nova._., thanks for bringing this up and I am sorry to hear that.

Can I just double-check if you've had a chance to go through troubleshooting steps mentioned in this thread?

Let us know and we will take it from there!
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Originally Posted by Syxkx.

I have read all of the Threads and i have The same problem with FPS in the new season and updates.. After the new season release i got from 250 FPS to 120-140 FPS (at the lowest ingame settings with FXAA) at my GTX 1060 .. I reinstalled all (ubisoft connect/ r6) and its not worked so i decided to reset my pc to zero like factory new... and its not worked too so yea dont waste your time... and today i Updatet the NVIDIA Drivers from 457.30 win-10 international-whql version to the newest one of my graphic card is 466.27 win-10 international-whql and my ingame FPS droped critical down to 90-110 fps.. its not possible to play with 95 FPS on a 165 Hz Gaming Monitor.. its terrible! And i installed the NVIDIA Driver 457.30 version back and got my old FPS back... After 2 Months with low fps i found MBY the way to fix it but im not sure. Just try it out and install a older Version from NVIDIA drivers from 2020. mby its works. i try to install 431.36 Ready Driver - WHQL and i let you know if my FPS increased or not.

Sorry for my bad english but i try my best.

hope i helped you a little bit :3 thx for read and cya later
Hey there.

I'm sorry to hear you've experienced a drop in performance following this update.

As you've performed a lot of troubleshooting already would you be able to submit your system files to us please? You can reach us either through the support website by opening a live chat session or alternatively through our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and they will be able to create a support case for you.

After you've opened the case if I can also ask you to attach two system reports to the case that will assist us in identifying any potential cause. The reports we need from you are:



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Hi! I have far fewer fps since the new season. The problem will be quite obvious from the attached images. The game sets to a basic graphics setting (ultra) every time I start, which although I can change it, it doesn't have any effect. The problem persists after the gamesettings.ini file is regenerated. Although in most cases they complain about the Vulkan API but there can also be a problem with DX11. It affects a lot of people... I had 250+ fps on Low last season... now not even 200 fps...

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