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My computer has a notebook model of 2060 graphics card. I use the vulken version. The image quality is set to intermediate to advanced. It can generally maintain 120 frames, but it often suddenly drops to 20 frames, which makes me very distressed and frustrated.I hope ubi can fix this problem as soon as possible
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Hiya, GINGAA! I am sorry to hear that your frame rates are dropping to 20 fps. Would you be willing to tell me if this seems to happen randomly or around the same time in the game or the same map? Also, could you please try this guide that we have to see if it resolves this for you? Thank you!
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Yes!it always happen randomly. But it often occurs when the character I operate encounters with a character from the enemy camp, or when fighting one-on-one, or shooting one-on-one. different map.My computer uses 2060 90w and i7-9750H chips. Please help me to solve it as soon as possible, this greatly affects the game experience!
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Whilst we don't officially support laptops, to configure your device for the game I would first recommend completing our pc troubleshooting guide in full.

Any trouble just let us know