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When I load into R6 praying that I will finally be able to play with my friends, the ubisoft connect buttons/ tabs dont allow me to press on them. And when I open ubisoft connect either app or browser me and or my friends do not receive each others invites. I will make a clip or what I mean if you'd like.

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@ekra Hello! Welcome to Forums! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues joining or inviting your friends. To confirm, are you trying to use the Ubisoft Connect overlay to play with your friends? What is the online status you and your friends are on?

Also, can you please provide a video demonstrating the issue? That will help us get a better idea what is happening. Just to let you know, you may have to upload the video to a video sharing platform such as YouTube and share the link.

Thank you!

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Hey @ekra, and thank you for providing the clip.

Is this issue persisting as of today?
Ubisoft Connect encountered issue with some Operating Systems by the time you sent the message. We have rolled back a previous update to solve this.

Also, could you please make sure that the Ubisoft Connect overlay is turned on? To do so, here is a guide.


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