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Hey Ubisoft, have we made any progress on this bug as of late? Iā€™m new to the new forum site and have just returned to siege after a 2 year break. I just finished reinstalling the game and loaded up a lone wolf match which went fine, so I jumped into a quick game where I started experiencing this infamous anomaly where the audio cuts out and the game freezes after like 30 seconds, I tried my patience to this problem about 3 times(rebooting game, rebooting console, clearing console cashe) to no avail. Is there any progress with this bug or are we still waiting on the game team for information?

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@xxx_uwotm8_xxx Hey there, I'm afraid that we do not have any more information at the moment as the team is still investigating the issue. šŸ˜ž I'm quite sorry. Can you let me know your gamertag please?

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Hey @XXX_UWOTM8_XXX, thanks for your response and we will forward the information over to our team.

Apologies if this has been taking longer than anticipated and if you do have any other queries or run into any difficulties, feel free to drop us a message at any time!