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Dear Ubi,

During my last rank game with my four friend on rainbow 6 siege, one of my friend was disconnected from game, he try to re-connect to the game but the game won't let him(cant even re-connect to main menu), he checked all his connection everything was fine. as soon as our rank game is finished, he can re-connect to the game.

This is clearly a bug in the game, something in the game had stopped him from re-connect to the game. This makes us lost one rank game and because he was counted as abandoned team during match, we have to wait one more hour to play another rank game. This happens to all of us before, but we believe in Ubisoft can fix in next season. But then this happened again, five of us has been a loyal player for rainbow six siege for more then 2 years, this really make us want to quit playing the game, because we have loss all faith in Ubisoft. Please kindly review my problem, if possible can we at least discard that rank game ? Match ID is attached

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Hey there.

We're unfortunately not able to adjust MMR/ELO on an individual basis. Does this happen often? Does he receive a specific connection error at all?

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Hey @Hey-Joejoecow, thanks for your response there and sorry to hear about the issue you and your friends have been dealing with, as I fully appreciate how frustrating it can be when you are genuinely trying to climb ranks.

Based on the information you've provided, I do understand that there is no specific error message when disconnection occurs, however when you're attempting to reconnect, what is the error message you receive then? Also, can you advise us what is the data center (server) you're connected to?

Please note that we appreciate your effort in getting in touch with us and will see what we can do to assist you with this.

Let us know and we will take it from there!

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