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I played an unranked match. Got killed in the end on last round, and right after that I got a disconnection. Heard from my friend, that others in the game-team also got disconnected. Now I see in my R6 menu that I got a penalty for that. That doesn't see right/fair to me. If the problem were due to your resent server problems, that are a general problem, and not because of my connection or bailing out. I never bail out of matches, no matter how the score is. That's would just be bad for the team, and bad-looser style.
So Ubisoft, are you able to remove my penalty when it's clearly your servers having problem at the moment?
BTW: My connection are 300/300 Mbit.
BTW2: Sorry if I posted in wrong forum. Not so good at this.
Regards from Tummu in Denmark.
about 4 years ago - Ubi-Viral - Direct link
Hey, Tummu!

Sorry to hear that you received a penalty due to a disconnection. I understand that this can be frustrating, unfortunately we are unable to remove these types of bans.

I can appreciate that this is not the outcome that you had hoped for and I apologize for this. Rest assured we do want you to still enjoy playing and I am happy to pass any feedback that you may have on to the Rainbow Six: Siege team.

Thank you.
over 2 years ago - Ubi-Raziel - Direct link
Hello LetMeOwnYou, I'm sorry to read you faced a similar issue.

At this moment in time our system is unable to determine if the disconnection was due to an issue on our side. We also can't remove penalties from all disconnections as players could deliberately disconnect to avoid a penalty. We'll keep working to improve on this, so players don't receive a sanction when they shouldn't.

Regarding the error message - This is one of the most common errors, it only tells us that your connection to Rainbow Six Siege has been lost.

Hopefully this was an isolated incident but should it continue, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

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