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Hi Ubisoft team,

My account was banned in August 2022 after a malicious actor accessed my account somehow bypassing the 2FA and evidently cheated.

I raised a support ticket at the time (Case: [redacted]) and I was told I would be advised about the ban, which never happened, this ticket seems to have been auto closed.
I have since raised another ticket mid December 2022 (case: [redacted]) which has not gotten a response yet outside of what appear to be generic "copy paste" responses.

I have also tried reaching out to the team on twitter only to be told "we are busy"

A friend suggested I reach out here on the forums.

Below see logins from the hacker. (screenshot taken 03 Aug 2022 22:58:04)

My actual logins will always be from Centurion, South Africa, or Alberton, South Africa if I am at a friends house. (login history will support that these are the normal login locations)

If the entire login history of my account is reviewed, you will see that there were login attempts from multiple locations other than the USA after I changed my login details.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated as I am growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of feedback.


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Hello there @M43L57R0M, and welcome to the Discussions.

First, I'd like to let you know that I have redacted the case numbers out of the post. As these are private information.

Then, thank you for posting and bringing such a detailed explanation to the situation.
However, for this specific matter, I can only suggest waiting to get an answer from the Support team to get the investigation going.
As this is account related, we can't handle this here for safety and privacy reasons.

Thank you for your understanding.