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Hello there.
I've been having this problem for at least a week now, and nothing works no matter what I try. 
In browser, in Ubisoft connect, in game, on phone, on other computer, on other network, everywhere I try I always get some random bunny error message.


  • I have enough money in my account.
  • My address matches.
  • I am in the right country (Austria)
  • I have tried other payment methods. (Different Bank, Different card, Paypal)
  • I've done all the foolproof stuff in the FAQ.
  • I waited at least 3 days to make sure there was no problem with trying too many times.
  • I talked to support, but they just parroted what was written in the FAQ and then disappeared.

It's kind of funny that I have to go out of my way to give them money...

I even disconnected my linked accounts (Steam for example) because a post from 2018 suggested it... so I'm really desperate.
If anyone had this problem and it was solved, please help me how you did it.

Thanks for your help. VZB227

2 months ago - ubi-smash - Direct link

Hello there @VZB227, and greetings to the forums! I am sorry to hear that you have not been able to purchase anything from the Ubisoft Store after trying these solutions. If you have not done so already, I would suggest reaching out to our support page to talk with a Store specialist one-on-one, as we are limited to discussing transactions here. Please know that our team might be dealing with higher contact volume, so response times might be longer than average, but rest assured a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you! 🙂

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Hey @VZB227

I see your support ticket has been escalated to have the store team look into this further, so you will get another reply when they have.