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Hey Pad.Trick, thank you very much for answering my questions, we will keep note of this and inform our Siege teams of this issue with the EU servers.

If you are able to give the troubleshooting and port forwarding steps a try, please do, in the meantime I will rename this thread to see if we can get more reports like this from players who may be affected. Thank you for you patience.
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Originally Posted by Pad.Trick
ops made a error here:
but my ISP (or the ISPs from my family) having any issues with other

should be
but my ISP (or the ISPs from my family) arent having any issues with other

Not to worry, I understood what you meant

This is currently difficult for us to pinpoint, as our servers appear to be fully up and running and there are no known lag issues that could affect players. As Ubi-Milky advised however, we would like to keep this thread open to see if we can receive more reports from players.

Although your home connection appears to be perfectly fine, it may be best for us to check the troubleshooting steps with you to ensure everything has been set up correctly.

If you'd like to do that, we would require the following -

- An image of your port forwarding configuration
- An MsInfo report

They could then be added to a support case, and we could take a look.

All the best!

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