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Hi, I am not able to open Steam Overlay only while I am in matches but works everywhere else in-game, here are the details:

1) Steam Overlay is enabled in Steam's settings
2) I have tried opening Steam Overlay with and without Ubisoft Connect Overlay enabled
3) I have tried reinstalling the game and verifying the integrity of files
4) I have tried running/opening everything as an administrator
5) My Steam Overlay key binds does not come into conflict with my R6 key binds
6) I have tried various display settings to no avail, including the switching of Fullscreen/Windowed/Borderless, aspect ratio, resolution

To be more specific, whenever I am in matches I have to first press the Esc key to bring up R6's menu before I can open Steam Overlay,
this issue has consequently remove my ability to take Steam screenshots during my matches and also on the Victory/Defeat screen
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Hey BaLLzl3 I've just merged in another thread from someone having the same issue. Please see my response to them, above.

@BaLLzl3, if you are able to share your solution, we'd all really appreciate that