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Dear ubisoft,

Some time ago i deleted my rainbow six siege for some extra space. Now i would like to download it again but when it is finished it says in game: "installation still in progress". I have looked up what could have caused the problem and how to fix it, and most just said i have to wait or make some more free space. Now i have deletet almost every single game and rainbow has been on for the past 2 days and nights, and i was waiting but it still hasn't finished. There is defenelutely some kind of problem and iam looking forward to your help!

Kind regards,
Jens Francken.
21 days ago - UBI-Froggard - Direct link

Have you got the game installed on the main PS4 HDD or an external HDD? I'd recommend making it on the main HDD if you can.

You just need to leave the game on, it shouldn't be taking 2 days to install. You can sit and play through the first few terrorist hunt missions whilst it is installing.