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I play on Xbox, Ive been playing for YEARS and I have never had an issue like this. The game was running and performing fine before the update a few days ago, Ive been caught up in school so I didnt notice the issue until tonight. I started the game up and I didnt get past the server connection, it sat there and finally let me in but instead of being able to play, I am instead told that I am offline even though Im in a party talking to people. My nat type is open, Ive power cycled, Ive reset my ip, the port is at 3047. Everything on my end is perfect. But I cant access a game I love and enjoy playing. Please get back to me and help me get this fixed, I have also submitted a ticket already as well.
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I'm sorry to hear you aren't able to play. You mentioned you have forwarded port 3047 (which I assume you mean 3074) but there are a few more ports to forward for the game, which you can find in the connectivity troubleshooting found here, so this may help you out. If you have done this, we'll need you to contact us with images of your port forwarding to show this has been done and we can check it has been done correctly.
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I tried to but I don’t have any ports that your game will support. I can’t place a picture in this post either for some reason

*EDIT* any OTHER ports that the game will support
I don't understand what you mean by this. Any router should allow you to type in the port numbers that you want to open, not just give you a list of what's available. We can't guide you through how to do the port forwarding as it's different for every router, but you can search for guides on how to do port forwarding with your router model to find out how.

You should also be able to add images to posts if you have uploaded the image somewhere first and just insert the link to it using the little "insert image" button at the top of the quick reply box here.
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I(m saying that port forwarding isnt the issue becuase my brother is in the some house. through the same port and come sign in and play no problem. it isnt the prot
Ahh okay then that is the issue.

Due to technological limitations two players are only able to play from the same network if one of them invites the other.

Please keep in mind that you will have to complete port forwarding to the system that is the host.

Alternatively both of you can play if you both get invited to groups by people outside of the local network.