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I am experiencing R6 Siege server connection error [3-0x0001000B]. I've tried most of the troubleshooting steps & nothing seemed to work.
So I tried running UBISOFT Connect first, then Steam but still have connection issues.

I never had issues before with R6 Siege connection. I have 2-accounts for this game in the same house for my family. The 1st PC installation & the 2nd new PC installation w/c is this one. I did not touch any files nor did any setting changes with my 1st PC, network connections always have been stable. Now it seems both of my PCs (1st & 2nd) couldn't connect to the server & w couldn't play multiplayer, only single player practice mode.

I do not understand why this happening. This just happend recently like less than a week.


Please HELP. Coudn't play both of my separate Steam accounts. Thanks.

It seems Ubisoft support submitting thru emails is disabled including LIVE chat. Now where do I report this issue? Only forums? Ouch.
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Hello there, raymacz, welcome to the forums!

I'm really sorry to hear you've started seeing these connection issues suddenly. While I understand your connection has been great until this specific incident - I'd really like to have you complete connectivity troubleshooting for Siege. This is to ensure these errors can't be remedied by clearing your communication to Siege's servers.

I'd also like to know if this started after trying to play with both accounts on the same wifi, at the same time?
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If you still have an issue after the guide posted above, please create a support ticket / live chat at here with screenshots showing your port forwarding and your system files (DX diag and MSINFO) so that we can look into it and try further troubleshooting with you.

You can find instructions on how to create the files and attach them to your ticket at the links below:

DX Diag


You can also try manually changing the server to a different one by following the steps here.

Other sites