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I play rainbow six siege quite a lot and I love it, I first played it on PS4 when it first came out, just about a year ago I started playing on PC and it's awesome so far but I have a problem that's been occurring for about 2 months now.
The glitch is that sometimes when I try to aim down my game glitches and aims in and out extremely fast, to the point were I cant see my site or gun for a few seconds straight, and in gunfights, this often results in death, I know this isn't a problem with my mouse as it only happens in rainbow six siege and my mouse is perfect besides that.
I use the razer DeathAdder elite
If you have any ideas feel free to let me know, thanks for your time
about 1 year ago - Ubi-Orion - Direct link
Hey there, Shmob,

Would it be possible to provide a short video demonstrating what's happening in game that we could take a look at, please?
about 1 year ago - Ubi-Woofer - Direct link
Thank you for the video, SHM0B. Although you do not believe your mouse to be the root of the issue, I would like to ask that you do test with another (even if just a plain office-style one) to fully rule out that possibility. If you're truly holding RMB down, but this behaviour is occurring in-game, it does look to be an input issue.

To that end, as well as testing an alternative mouse, can you also please verify your game files, to ensure that there's no corruption? Here's intrsuctions for Steam PC and Uplay PC, as appropriate for your version of the game.
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Originally Posted by Laughin.Coffin
I have this issue too, I've tried other game with holding ADS but no happen, everything normally.
Hey, thanks for getting in touch!

My first suggestion would be the same as Ubi-Woofer's. Please try a different mouse (any will do, as long as we know it works) to see if the issue occurs there.

Although other games work perfectly fine, all games react differently to input from peripherals and Rainbow Six Siege may be more sensitive. If this is an issue with your mouse, you may slowly start to notice this issue with other games as the issue worsens.

Let us know how it goes!

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