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Hello everyone,
Shortly after Crimson Heist update I ran into a problem - from time to time game is freezing for no reason whatsoever. I can hear game sounds (radio music etc.), but thats all. Alt+tab does nothing. All the other apps are closed. Patch didnt change anything either. Worst of all, it appears randomly - it can happen after 20 minutes of the game or not happen at all in several hours.
Does anyone have the same problem?
Thanks in advance.
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Hello there, LupusAlbus_! Welcome to the forums. I'm really sorry to hear about this strange freeze / crash issue you're encountering at seemingly random within Siege. To start tackling this, I'd like to have you run through the steps found within this FAQ to troubleshoot your system's performance.
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Originally Posted by Hide7PainHarol
My game seems to crash specifically on skyscraper. both in thunt and in matches. it shows the round number and the moment operator selection is gonna come on, it crashes. I havent reinstalled yet as others with similar map crash issues seem to say it doesnt help. Plz fix
Hey there.

Have you tried verifying your installation? I'd recommend trying that before a full reinstallation if you haven't already done so. If it's crashing on a specific map or at a specific point in the game it usually does indicate a corrupt installation or some missing files following a patch download.

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