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There is very big and offensive mistake in Silent & Unseen epic skin for Ragun 15 Ela Bosak pistol. White eagle should have gold crown even its artistic version of polish coat of arms. Also this is not Silent and Unseen eagle cause its looks totally different.
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I can only apologise. I will pass this information onto the Rainbow Six Siege team.
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where is the skin, i cant find it anywhere and i have it on my ps4 account and wanted to get it on my pc account but seems to be missing in the shop and it doesnt appear anywhere

In-game content does not transfer between platforms. If this is no longer available in the in-game shop I am afraid it is not possible to obtain on PC until it is back in the shop.

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Coat of arms of Poland - Wikipedia
In Poland, the coat of arms as a whole is referred to as godło both in official documents and colloquial speech,[1] despite the fact that other coats of arms are usually called an herb (e.g. the Nałęcz herb or the coat of arms of Finland). This stems from the fact that in Polish heraldry, the word godło (plural: godła) means only a heraldic charge (in this particular case a white crowned eagle) and not an entire coat of arms, but it is also an archaic word for a national symbol of any sort.[2] In later legislation only the herb retained this designation; it is unknown why.