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I already claimed many Packs, i know how the Twitch Drops works.

Since yesterday my Pack 1 is at 100% in my Twitch Inventory. I press claim, a green message apears at the top, which let me know that i claimed the packed.
But it doesnt claim the Pack 1, its stuck at 100% and im not able to collect it. tried different PCs and browsers.

i already contacted twitch support, which let me know that Ubisoft is responsible for the drops.(i wrote to them that this looks like a twitch api/account bug, and twitch is responsible, waiting for answer)

anyone can help or has experienced similar?
22 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link
Hey Pad.Trick, thanks for reaching out and providing us with update - I'm glad to hear it's now working.

This indeed appears to be an issue on Twitch platform and it's something that I'm afraid we do not have any visibility on, so hopefully it will be fine going forward.

ahnundin - could you double-check to see if problem remains for you or were you able to claim it?

Please do note that once your drops are claimed, it may take a moment before it's available in your in-game inventory, so if you're unable to see it right away, give it 24 hours and if problem persists, let us know!