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Early Access Patch (Build ID #3830295)


Welcome to all the new players who have picked up RoR 2 in the last couple weeks, we are glad to have you join the community!

In this patch we are adding full localization support! We now have official translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Japanese.

These can be enabled by Right-clicking on "Risk of Rain 2" in your Steam Library and going to the language tab at the top. Select from the dropdown what language you want to start the game in and hit close.

There are also bug fixes associated with this patch below:

==== Bug Fixes ====
  • Director no longer stops spawning monsters late in the game
  • Dir...
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We’ve got a cool milestone to announce - let us know if you can find it inside of this Word Search.

P L N Z C W G L D U N H 
T N  L P D I A O K E T 
D T L  Y G E S H U W I 
H L L C  D U O P L T V 
C S X Q I  P L X E Y W 
Y J A V S O  V H L K R 
C G O R O     E S P 
I R K L C Y D C  I I M 
P M O N S O O N   R D 
N I A U R O M  I R  B 
R A B O K G  M K W F  
S N E K W  A F D T R P

First off, we are very excited to announce that Risk of Rain 2 passed over 1 million sales on Steam alone in a month since our Early Access launch! To give you guys a little bit of context, it took us almost 5 years to hit that same number ... Read more

26 Apr

    hopoo on Steam - Thread - Direct

View Early Access Forecast Image[www.riskofrain.com]


It has been nearly 1 month since we launched Risk of Rain 2 in Early Access, and I think we can safely say it has been a crazy time for us. We have lots of exciting news that we will be sharing - lets dive in!

NOTE: Developer Thoughts is a way for us to touch base with the community - consider these to be candid thoughts from the development team. We will be breaking down our thoughts into Major and Minor Points, along with things we have been working on internally. A lot of these are community... Read more

24 Apr