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Regardless of your takes on the subject of the idea of "player downs", the concept that the reward is guaranteed with the cost being longer time investment is really good game design.

They absolutely have the ability to lock high tier rewards behind flawless kills, just like they did with the new kiln capes.

I'm really excited to see what they have planned going forward!

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Originally posted by 5-x

Especially /u/JagexRyan is a pleasure to listen to, he's highly knowledgeable about game design/implementation and player trends. It would be very cool to have a livestream or discord podcast in which Mod Ryan talks about stuff such as:

  • what Jagex learned from Necro
  • whether Necro really took over the bossing landscape as players perceive it
  • what the combat improvements update changed in player behaviour
  • which bosses are popular and why Jagex thinks they're popular
  • how tiny the endgame bossing scene really is
  • what are some of the philosophies for future boss design
  • whether releasing Necro is actually Jagex shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to future combat direction


That's very kind, thank you.

I would LOVE to sit and talk endlessly for hours about RuneScape design. Finding the right place to do that is the tricky part.

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Originally posted by JagexRyan

That's very kind, thank you.

I would LOVE to sit and talk endlessly for hours about RuneScape design. Finding the right place to do that is the tricky part.

Seems like I'll need to drag you onto another Discord stage 😉

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Originally posted by Legal_Evil

All this changed due to Mod Markos taking over. He is taking the positive aspects of OSRS's development cycle and applying it to RS3.

Mod Markos has definitely been an awesome influence since he joined.

I do want to jump in to give credit to the whole RuneScape team though. Sounds a bit corny to write that now I have, but seriously - from about December last year, the whole team has been building to this even pre-Markos.

We've been working towards a player-involved development future for a while now (our approach to Necromancy & Community Hitlist are good examples of first steps), but in incremental steps.

The missteps in the second half of last year were a real sign to us that we should push to make the full change in our development approach now, not incrementally (along with addressing some other areas like release consistency). Not necessarily our 'final form' on those fronts, but to the point where it is the norm.

We spent a lot of the early part of this year completely re-assessing how we operate RuneScape. A metric ton of time and effort was poured into bringing that together and pretty much every Mod on RuneScape was involved in shaping it. We always look to improve every year, but in my 4 years on the team, it was on a scale of review / re-think way beyond anything I've been part of here.

It was a lot of stress due to unknowns and not being able to talk with players while we were figuring things out ourselves (the whole team feels it when players aren't happy). But... the end result is what you're feeling now.

Markos joined us about 4 weeks ago and really brought it together to get us moving, along with adding so much important expertise. As Markos said, we have to deliver on this now. But I'm glad (it seems? I hope?) we've started off on the right foot at least.

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Originally posted by MajorRedacted

I still maintain the opinion that the developers should've provided a complete road-map every year post EoC update.

I suppose they're moving in the right direction, but I'm still skeptical.

That's the goal going forward at least. We're planning a Winter Summit-esque show to show a good view forward of 2025.

Whether it'll be a Summit or maybe an RS take on it is completely undecided yet, but some moment where we reveal a ton of content coming in the future is the bit that won't change.

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Originally posted by KeKinHell

Yeah, I'm seriously thinking about coming back to RS3 from OSRS.


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Originally posted by Daniel_The_Damned

Undoubtedly on the right foot, most would say you guys have gone above and beyond since the reveal of the roadmap.

If you don't mind, is there a reason why this wasn't revealed earlier if work started in December (as the community was extremely cynical this year) Too early in the design process to announce I'm guessing?


There was a lot for us to figure out, and truth be told, we have had a lot of 'we've changed for the better!' moments over 23 years. I should say - those are always from the best of intentions! Sometimes things aren't as simple as you'd hope.

Anyway - the first thing we wanted to do was make sure we'd actually gone through the change, we had good content plans in place, and we could put it into action as soon as we talked about all this. Otherwise, it's all just words right?

In terms of the content, we did have a Roadmap for the year that was built prior to us going through this internal rework. We didn't share that version of the Roadmap because we felt we could deliver something better if that rework did what it was supposed to do.

It was a hugely tough call because we could see the frustration. But to be honest about it, we are all much happier with the Roadmap we have now then our original one. The benefit of waiting till the end of our internal shaping up is we could build a Roadmap from that better place.

On the just words bit - we still gotta deliver this thing now so we're still kind of there! But at least now we've got positive actions to go alongside our words straight away, and throughout the team, a lot of faith we can do this. Hopefully that will make the frustration of recent times worth it in the long run.

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Originally posted by NationalTrain9353


Saying inverted skillcapes are coming back and not delivering them is extremely frustrating. When are they coming back?


We are going to bring them back. We've been floundering on this for ages and I totally get the frustration, so I want to assure you, it will happen. You have this to screenshot and shame me on Reddit if we don't forever more now.

Lots of ideas have been discussed, but we have never really committed to any direction. But they will come back.

We have talked about it in the new Roadmap Planning and they are far from forgotten. We need to make sure we get them out in a way that's respectful to FSW players, which is why it's taken so long, but we also need to get them out!

We'll start another discussion on them at the studio specifically, and see where we go. Might be something we bring to the community even. But just know, they are lost but not forgotten.

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Originally posted by yuei2

Two questions!

  1. Any update on DXP tokens

  2. Can we see that old roadmap now? Just for settling curiosity sakes and also because it helps us understand the process that lead us to the new. 

I very much owed that response on DXP Tokens, thank you for reminding me!

I just responded on the original comment here: https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/1cugb29/comment/l56w1ne/

Seeing the old Roadmap is an interesting question... I think it's unlikely, as a couple of the previous projects could end up in a future Roadmap based on the survey. We wouldn't want to steal their thunder in that sense. Assume no, but... maybe?

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Originally posted by The_Jimes

Respectful to FSW players or to rich mains that bought tokens?

Both are valid to be fair, but much more for the FSW players. However we introduce them, the current feeling it should be in a way that doesn't massively undercut the time people invested in FSW to get them.