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2s [Music]
13s hi who are you and what are you working
15s on right now hi I'm Dave and I'm
17s currently working on vehicle radio
19s attachments so soon you'll be able to
21s play some music while driving all right
23s can you show us sure come
25s here we have a caria ithon uh which is
29s universal so you can install it in any
32s car in order to use it you need to
34s install it in the
36s dashboard and only driver can control it
41s nice okay let's go
52s it that sounds great
55s Dave thank you
60s hi who are you and what are you working
62s on right now hi I'm brir I'm currently
65s working on fixing some bugs related to
68s uh dynamite in game all right can you
71s show us and what's the problem exactly
73s uh yeah I'm trying to ignite the TNT but
76s it doesn't work for some
79s reason uh but we'll make it work you
82s promise yeah I promise okay good
86s [Music]
90s a
92s [Music]