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2s [Music]
14s hi who are you and what are you working
16s on right now hi my name is ismir I'm
19s heart surface artist I'm currently
21s working on a new school I'm just
24s checking uh if topology is right also
27s checking the shading and as you can see
31s this High poly mesh is almost finished
33s so if everything is fine it can go to
36s our final stages for the for example R
40s topology and uh texturing thank you is
43s that sounds great thank
50s you hi who are you and what are you
53s working on right now hi I'm Sarah 3D
56s animator and right now I'm doing some
58s cinematic stuff can you show us yeah of
67s course it's working in progress but we
71s are getting there looks good looks good
75s yeah all right thank you Sirah welome
79s [Music]