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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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SMITE Spirit Week!
  • Monday: Conquest Through The Years
    • Follow along on Twitter to the Conquest map changed through the years!
  • Tuesday: Trivia Tuesday
  • Wednesday: International SMITE The Devs
  • Thursday: Discord Stages
    • Tune in on Discord to chat with Devs & ask questions!
  • Friday: Community Stream Day + #FanArtFriday
    • We will be re-sharing Fan Art on our social channels!
    • We will also be dropping into SMITE Streams throughout the day!
  • Saturday & Sunday: Double Battle Pass Weekend
    • Earn double the Battle Pass points for playing SMITE this weekend!
In-Game Events and Sales:
  • The Refer a Friend event ends Tuesday, October 5 - Invite a friend to try SMITE, or to come back to SMITE, and earn rewards by playing together!
  • The Party Up event ends Tuesday, October 5 - Hop in a party and complete games to earn extra rewards!
  • Ares & Sol have SMITE birthdays next week!
  • The 8.9 Update is LIVE with the new Battle Pass: Cleanliness vs. Godliness! You can learn more in the 8.9 Update Notes[www.smitegame.com]!
  • Make sure that you claim the Sacred Arrow Rama skin, available now through Prime Gaming[gaming.amazon.com]!