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Originally posted by galandar42:
Originally posted by Ishimuro: ....\steamapps\common\Stellaris\common\defines\00_defines.txt

search for :


and adjust the number to your liking

I tried this, changing the value to 10. When I tried loading my last save game, Stellaris crashed. I tried starting a new game, and it crashed as well. When I validated the files, there was one file that failed validation, and I'm assuming it was the defines.txt file. It is possible that the fields in the file are fixed-length fields, so perhaps I should have deleted the number 6 plus a space in front of it before making it a 10, but I haven't had time to try that yet.
You need to use Visual Studio Code or Notepad++ to edit files. Regular notepad will not save the game files in the correct format for the game to read.

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