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Originally posted by HoboWithaShotgun: lol everyone who really appreciates this game understands that the early game is where it's at. after a few DLC expansions are released this game will be like that from beginning to end. You were looking for an RTS but you got a pausable grand RTS
No, it's a fluffy RTS. All full of fluff. Flavor flavor everywhere, hiding the actual meat.

Unless you're saying the fluff and flavor IS the meat. In which case, this game has some REAL points lacking in it.

At no point should a 4X game get to the point where the game itself is attacking the *PLAYER* through tiresome design choices, rather than the game attacking the player's empire through reasonable actions. That's all this is. Trying to wear the player down with notifications that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Paradox said they wanted to deal away with the micromanagement aspects, so they created the Sector system. This is just even worse micromanagement, because you can't automate any of it away.
In 3.8 we added a setting where you can disable whatever notifications you want. When the offending notification in the top bar appears, control + right-click it, it will open the notifications window with the offending notification already selected, you untick the box, click apply, and it will never appear again.

Problem solved. :)

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