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Hello Stellaris Community!

In time for the weekend (a long one, in some cases), the dev team has prepared a 3.11.3 "Eridanus" Open Beta! This beta addresses some issues that have been left over from the 3.11 release.

The 3.11.3 "Eridanus" Open Beta is an optional beta patch. You have to manually opt-in to access it.
Go to your Steam Library, right click on Stellaris -> Properties -> Betas Tab -> select "3.11.3_open_beta" from the drop-down.
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[Improvement] The Plasmic trait can now be removed from species if you want to clean up your species tab.
[Bugfix] Fixed global ship designs country type restriction so awakened empires are not allowed to use ai transports
[Bugfix] Fixed refugees happening every day instead of every 90-180 days
[Bugfix] Fixed secondary species in random empires not having a habitability trait.
[Bugfix] Fixed the Abandoned Gateway event not taking into account ruined gateways from the Galatic Doorstep and Imperial Fiefdom origins
[Bugfix] Fixed the accidental nerf to Civilian difficulty
[Bugfix] Fixed the Luminary Bloodline not being inherited
[Bugfix] Fixing council positions not being kept for GC:s after adding civics.
[Bugfix] Made removal of expired leader from leader pool only happen on refresh
[Bugfix] S875.1 Warform no longer disappears from leading their ship
[Bugfix] The Grave Guardians will no longer trap you in an infinite first contact loop.
[Bugfix] The Kaleidoscope no longer double dips in your income from trade
[Bugfix] The Parvus event chain will no longer end too early removing all in progresses special projects.
[Bugfix] Updated some text on the Galactic Community UI that was still referring to envoys instead of Delegates
[Bugfix] Various anomalies and dig site events no longer try and give leaders the Hyper Focus trait if they already have it, instead they level the trait up.

The 3.11.3 full release will come at a later date, but we wanted to get these fixes into our players' hands as soon as possible. If you experience bugs or any other issues with the 3.11.3 open beta, please make a bug report![forum.paradoxplaza.com]

Thanks for playing Stellaris and have a great weekend!

Please note save compatibility is not guaranteed between versions. Should you experience bugs or other issues, please first create a new, unmodded save and see if the issues persist. If the issues persist on a new unmodded save, please make a bug report![forum.paradoxplaza.com]
Edit: a previous version of this post contained the line: "[Feature] Added a familiar Friend after you explore Astral Rifts." This was mistakenly added to these patch notes, and is not included in the 3.11.3 "Eridanus" Open Beta.