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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Uncharted Frontiers Video on YouTube

Hello Stellaris Community!

We're here to talk to you today about the Uncharted Frontiers bundle, what this bundle adds to the game, and how to get the most out of the included content. This bundle is only available until November 29th!

The Uncharted Frontiers bundle contains the Ancient Relics Story Pack, Leviathans Story Pack, and the MegaCorp expansion. It adds two and a half blorg’s worth of content to base-game Stellaris -- which is also included in the bundle, get it here[pdxint.at]!

Already have all this content? Stellaris and selected DLCs are on sale until November 29th. There's never been a better time to pick up the DLC you might be missing. See the full list of discounts here!

Ancient Relics Story Pack
The Ancient Relics story pack adds many relics to discover in your Stellaris galaxy. Relics are ancient, powerful artifacts that provide both a passive buff to your empire, and can be activated for temporary buffs to your empire.

Relics are generally discovered by excavating archaeological sites or completing precursor event chains. When investigating certain anomalies, your science ship can discover mysteries from the past -- you will need to assign a science ship to excavate these archaeology sites. With a science ship and scientist assigned to an archaeology site, the site will progress and reveal the story of your scientists excavating the site, and what they discover as they’re doing so.

Precursor Event Chains
Ancient Relics also adds two new precursor event chains, the Baol and the Zroni. The Baol were an ancient plantoid hivemind that expanded to control a sizable portion of the galaxy, before being destroyed by an even more powerful species. The Zroni were a psionically gifted race, who discovered how to alter the composition of Shroud itself before a question of morality lead to a vicious civil war that destroyed them. Both of these event chains have powerful relics at their culmination and can alter the course of your empire’s history.

Minor Artifacts
Ancient Relics also helps you complete your precursor event chains with the addition of minor artifacts. Minor artifacts represent obscure technology and half-forgotten lore recovered from archaic civilizations, only partially understood by our own science. They are more common than Relics, and can be spent to enact various empire-wide effects. These effects will allow you to unlock previously unknown technologies, or receive one of several random civilian or military buffs. They also can help you discover more precursor insights, or unlock hidden secrets of your precursor event chain.

Leviathans Story Pack
Moving onto the Leviathans Story Pack, we end up with even more mysteries to discover in the galaxy. From mysterious enclaves, to giant space guardians to a late-game event chain that pits two ancient rivals against each other.

First, lets talk enclaves: Enclaves are unique in Stellaris, they don’t own their space and will build trust with other empires over time. Generally, their trust is financial in nature - doing business with them makes them trust you more. However, you may also gain access to unique starbase buildings and additional trust by owning the system the enclave is in and additional diplomatic options depending on the other things you’ve discovered in the galaxy. The Leviathans Story Pack adds three unique enclaves to Stellaris.

The Curator order, founded eons ago by the powerful empires at the time, the curator’s sacred duty is to preserve and disseminate knowledge to prevent the galaxy from falling into a dark age of extinction and barbarism. For a price, they will assist you with your research, reveal some of the mysteries of the universe, or give you a wise level 5 scientist with the curator trait. Doing business with the Curator order will certainly help your empire gain a technological edge -- or catch up technologically if you’ve fallen behind.

The Artisan Troupe’s members have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of music, art and culture, and all those things that make existence bearable to sapient life throughout the galaxy. They will give you the option to become a patron, which also allows certain patron-only events to trigger, including unlocking a powerful, empire-unique ministry of culture building. You can also commission an art piece, organize a festival on one of your worlds, and potentially found an art college on your starbase, should you own the system that their enclave is in. Dealings with the Artisans are especially beneficial for empires that have naturally low pop happiness, since happiness is directly tied to planetary stability, which is tied to pop production.

Our final enclave included in the Leviathans story pack is the traders. The Trader enclave comes in one of three flavors: Xuracorp, Riggan Commerce Exchange, and the Muutagen Merchant Guild. These enclaves allow access to monthly strategic resources, for a price. If you’ve gained enough trust with them, you may also gain the ability to hire an immortal level-five governor. Contact with the Traders is especially important for those playthroughs where you find yourself playing tall, or if you want earlier access to strategic resources that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

With the Leviathans Story pack, it's possible to find mysterious and ancient guardians hidden out in the galaxy. Some of these guardians are overtly hostile, such as the ether drake and dimensional horror, while others such as the enigmatic fortress and infinity machine potentially offer long-term benefits and otherwise inaccessible bonuses and technologies for your empire.

War in Heaven
In the late game with leviathans and with two or more fallen empires in your galaxy, its possible for both fallen empires to become ancient rivals. These rivals will attempt to align the empires of the galaxy against the other, and draw a line through the galaxy. You will be given the choice to join one or the other side of this war in heaven -- or should you feel powerful enough, you can - at your own peril - choose to remain independent and attempt to form a coalition of the younger races against these giants in the playground.

And finally, we come to the MegaCorp expansion! We released a video last week that offers a deep dive into what’s available in MegaCorp.

The Corporate authority makes available a different branch of civics to choose for your empire, some of these are corporate-themed regular civics, while others are specifically available to empires that have the Corporate authority. Most of these civics are made available by owning the MegaCorp expansion, while there are some others - like Permanent Employment - that are unlocked by owning MegaCorp plus another expansion.

MegaCorporations can build unique Branch Office buildings on any colonized planet belonging to an empire they have a commercial pact with. The branch office itself will generate 50% of the planet’s trade value in energy production for the Corporation, and new building slots are unlocked based on the capital building tier on the planet in question.

Branch office buildings will generate jobs that are filled by the planet owner’s pops, and will generate resources for both empires in most cases.

MegaCorps also get a unique cassus belli against other Megacorporations, as long as two corporations have branch offices in the same empire they will get the Expel Corporation. Expel Corporation allows you to declare war to expel a rival megacorp’s branch offices from the empire in question.

Spiritualist MegaChurch
This Megacorporation embraces a curious blend of commercial and spiritualistic values, in which the position of ordained minister and corporate officer have merged into a single role. Choosing the gospel of the masses civic with the corporate authority will convert your money-loving corporation into a spiritualist megachurch, which gives the added bonus of increasing spiritualist ethics attraction on planets that you build branch offices on. Every pop on an empire with a branch office with the spiritualist ethic will increase the trade value of the planet by .33.

Additionally, Corporations with the Gospel of the Masses civic can build a special holding on their vassels - the temple of prosperity - which adds two Prosperity Preacher jobs to the planet, as well as increases Spiritualist Ethics attraction by +50%.

Criminal Syndicate
This megacorporation can trace its origins back to a crime syndicate that eventually grew powerful enough to supplant all forms of local government. Choosing the Criminal Heritage Civic with the Corporate authority is definitely the spiciest of the three types of megacorporation.

Unlike MegaCorps or MegaChurches, Criminal Syndicates do not require Commerical Pacts in order to open branch offices as long as they’re not at war or have a truce with the planet’s owner. Additionally, their branch offices become more valuable when there is more crime there is, and their branch office buildings will generally increase the amount of crime on the planet they’re built on.

Criminal Syndicates gain access to a new set of Branch Office buildings, that definitely have a unique criminal flavor. Criminal Syndicates also gain 20% infiltration speed and +1 codebreaking.

But wait.. There’s more! In addition to playable MegaCorporations, MegaCorp also includes 3 new megastructures, a new planet type, roving trade caravans, and new ascension perks!

New Megastructures
The Mega Art Installation is an artistic beacon on a stellar scale, this installation inspires and represents the spirit of its creators. The mega art installation is a three-stage megastructure (four, if you have the Ancient Relics story pack) and requires the Mega-Engineering Technology, and generates vast sums of unity and extra planetary amenities for your empire, which increases with every stage. These bonuses make the Mega Art Installation a great culmination to a unity run, or a great way to catch up if you’ve fallen behind on traditions and ascension perks.

The Strategic Coordination Center is a facility for synchronizing the national Starbase network, augmenting defensive and offensive capabilities. The Strategic Coordination Center is a three stage megastructure and requires the Mega-Engineering Technology as well. Each stage produces naval capacity, starbase capacity, allows starbases to support more defensive platforms, and gives a subspace speed boost. This is a great megastructure for those late game wars or for an extra fleet capacity boost to defeat an extragalactic crisis that may or may not come knocking on your galaxy.

The final megastructure added in MegaCorp is the Matter Decompressor. The Matter Decompressor is a four-stage megastructure and requires Mega-Engineering, having built or repaired another megastructure, and the Galactic Wonders ascension perk. This megastructure, when constructed, will decompress the matter from a black hole and convert it into minerals for your empire, with each stage producing an increasing amount of minerals.

What could you need this many minerals for you ask? Well, that brings us to our next feature included in MegaCorp: the Ecumenopolis.

New Planet Type
An ecumenopolis is a city that has grown so large that it encompasses the entire planet. Construction of an ecumenopolis requires anti-gravity engineering technology, as well as the Arcology Project ascension perk. Ecumenopolis give massive bonuses to habitability, resource production, pop growth speed and additional resettlement chance. Additionally, they start with all building slots unlocked, and all normal planetary features are removed.

But that’s not all, Ecumenopolis also gain access to a special set of arcology districts, that provide more housing and jobs than regular districts, allowing you to build taller than ever before in Stellaris.

What economy-focused expansion would be complete without roaming trade caravans? Enter, the Caravaneers. The Caravaneers, based out of a system called Chor’s Compass, are roaming trade caravans that will travel to each empire in the galaxy. Upon entering their borders, the caravaneers will offer a rare and unique trade, some of these are extremely valuable and grant access to powerful planetary decisions, technologies, components and more. Caravaneers are traders, however, so don’t expect to get by just paying with energy credits, as some of their prices are extremely… creative.

Chor’s Compass, the Caravaneer’s home system, doubles as a casino. There you can buy some of their currency -- CaravanCoinz. Caravan Coinz can be used to play the slots for a chance at winning big on resources or planetary modifiers. Or you can choose to spend your caravan coinz, and build a sense of pride and accomplishment by opening a reliquary.

Reliquaries have a slightly better chance of granting resources, research or planetary modifiers, and are also the only way to gain access to the GALATRON.

Ascension Perks
MegaCorp allows access to up to 4 new ascension perks.

  • The Arcology project, which allows building an ecumenopolis.
  • Galactic Wonders, which allows the construction of a Matter Decompressor -- Galactic Wonders is also unlocked by the Utopia expansion, but has different effects depending on whether MegaCorp or Utopia or both are active.
  • The Universal Transactions Ascension Perk reduces the cost of constructing branch offices on planets, as well as removes the influence cost from commercial pacts -- a must pick for those MegaCorporations looking after their bottom line -- which… should be all of them?
  • The final ascension perk unlocked with MegaCorp is xeno compatibility. This ascension perk will allow your species to reproduce with other species you find out in the galaxy. It also grants +20% pop growth speed, if the planet has two or more species on it, +33% immigration pull, and allows the creation of hybrid species.

Hybrid species will choose a portrait at random from the two parent species, as well as a mix of traits from both species. Additionally, hybrid species get +1 trait point and +1 trait pick. Species are also more likely to create a hybrid if they’re from the same species phenotype.

If you like the sound of all this, pick up the Uncharted Frontiers bundle today on Steam[pdxint.at], and check the Stellaris store page for the full list of discounts!