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18 Sep

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@CarbonCarl @SILENCE_UK We will have more information closer to launch on how the VR will work.



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15 Sep


"No, I don't have a landing permit..." XD

Looks great!

01 Sep

14 Aug


Well done /u/EA_Charlemagne, you've spelt briefing correctly this time!!
Roger, Roger.


This is fabulous, well done tristpwn!

13 Aug

Outfitting Your Squadron

Welcome back, pilots! This briefing is all about how you’ll customize your starfighters and pilots, both aesthetically with cosmetic items as well as functionally with ship components. Let’s start with the latter since that’ll be what impacts gameplay.


As you play Star Wars™: Squadrons, you’ll be able to unlock components (via Requisition points you earn) for your starfighters. These can be equipped to change how your ships function in subtle or radical ways. Some impact your starfighters passively, such as by reinforcing their defensive capabilities with different hulls or shields, while others hav...

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24 Jul


Originally posted by Jonathanlopez89

The disclosure only apply to discussion about the gameplay, but I'm not showing any game play, people on there post , have already made comments about the gameplay experience, they're on breach

I have my eyes on you... ;)

15 Jul

19 Jun


Originally posted by Shap3rz

Do we have a list of what VR headsets it are compatible - I assume all but some likely more than others? I remember Oculus is listed but I'm confused if it's only the quest or only the rift, etc

We're still a ways off from the launch of the game, but we will try get a list out there with compatible VR headsets and HOTAS devices. I've placed a request through for it!


Originally posted by Kailok3

Do you think this game will be worth it without a VR set? I wish I had 500-1000$ to burn...

Not everyone does, this game isn't a VR-only game, that is just an added part of the overall experience. It depends ultimately on your perspective of 'worth it' but your experience should not be impacted because you don't have a VR headset.


Originally posted by RRIronside27

Anything on a collectors edition?

We are only intending to retail the one edition that we've already revealed, sorry!


You can indeed play with both players (5v5) and AI (or just AI by yourself) in Fleet Battles!


And so it begins...


Ewok Bobbleheads. Yub Nub.

Need I say anything else?

16 Jun


Originally posted by appearedcoast

No amazon yet?

Not at the moment, but do keep an eye out. Stores are slowly adding the physical variant to their sites.

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